thirty one Thirty One Review – Is This Really A Great Opportunity?

Thirty One Review

Since you’ve landed on this Thirty One review, odds are you are thinking of joining this business or maybe you have already joined and are just looking for some third party validation. Where ever you may be, this review should cover some of the most important information about the company so you can be sure to make an informed decision. I will be coving information on the company history, products and compensation plan. My goal is to help you in any way I can. That is why at the end of this review I have enclosed some very valuable information to help you successfully build a network marketing company using the Internet. So let’s get into it.

Actually, before moving on I want to inform you that I am not a customer or a distributor of Thirty One Gifts. Therefore you can be sure that you are getting an honest third party perspective of the company.

2011 10 12 2307 Thirty One Review – Is This Really A Great Opportunity?

Who is Thirty One And What Do They Sell?

First of all, Thirty One is a company that leverages a network marketing business model to promote and sell their fashionable purses and totes. The company was first launched in 2003 and they are headquartered out of Johnstown, Ohio. The founder, Cindy Monroe, actually started the company out of her basement with only one sewing machine.thirty one products Thirty One Review – Is This Really A Great Opportunity? Cindy’s dream was to provide an income solution for women who desired to create their own success. It’s an understatement to say she has been successful as there are now over 30,000 active distributors.

As was previously mentioned, the product lines consist of numerous styles of women’s purses, totes, backpacks and some home décor. Custom embroidery, like someone’s name or initials, is always an option with purchase of a bag. Overall the products look to be of quality and marketable to the right audience.

Thirty One Review – How Do You Make Money With Thirty One?

As for the compensation plan, Thirty One doesn’t actually disclose any information about how you make money. Their philosophy is if someone is seriously interested in joining the company, then they should speak with a representative. The company believes that individuals shouldn’t join because the compensation plan, but because they are excited about the products and sharing them with others. I personally believe that the compensation plan is a very important aspect of making any business decision.

As for the nuts and bolts of the compensation plan, Thirty One will pay reps retail profits for personally sold products. They will also compensate you for the growth, size and production of your sales organization. I was not able to form an opinion about the pay plan because of a lack of available information. But the same is true here as with any network marketing company. You will be paid upon your efforts and the duplication of your efforts within your team.

Should You Get Started With Thirty One?

In closing, Thirty One Gifts looks to be a viable business opportunity. As of today, they have 8 years of substantial growth, quality products and most likely a fair compensation plan. According to the corporate website, many distributors have gone on to pay of homes, cars and completely replace their full time incomes. However, all these things in your favor will not be sufficient to guarantee you any kind of real success. Frankly, you will only have so many people to talk to about your business before you are out of prospects. Actually 95% network marketers fail in their business because a lack of leads and money to fund marketing expenses.

This is why you must learn attraction marketing techniques so you can brand yourself and generate and endless flow of targeted leads for your business every day. My recommendation is you get yourself inside a tested and proven Attraction Marketing System. If you can use an attraction marketing system to generate 10-30 leads per day while branding yourself as the leader others want to work with, you will be well on your way to network marketing prosperity.

2011 10 12 2307 Thirty One Review – Is This Really A Great Opportunity?

Want More Leads For Your Thirty One Business?

Prosperity in your business will greatly depend on your capability it brand yourself and generate leads. Learn to effectively build your Thirty One business by becoming a Master Networker online.

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