restart your life Uncensored Restart Your Life Review – Could This MLM Be Your New Beginning?

Restart Your Life Review

Guesses are you have come to this Restart Your Life review because you are thinking about getting started with this MLM company or it may be that you have already joined and are just looking to validate your business decision. Well I’m glad you’re here because I will be covering some important information regarding the company, products, compensation plan and whether this is a good business opportunity to join. Also, by the end of this Restart Your Life review I will have revealed some industry leaders secrets that you may want to pay close attention to. So let’s get started.

Oh by the way, I want to fully disclose that I am not a distributor or customer for Restart Your Life. Therefore, you can be sure this is an honest uncensored review.

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So Who Is Restart Your Life Anyway And What Do They Sell?

When investigating into a business opportunity it is important to first look into the company history and leadership to see if there are any red flags. Unfortunately, many people focus too much on the compensation plan and end up getting burned in the long run.

Restart Your Life is a company who leverages a network marketing business model to promote and sell Beta Glucan health products. They company’s inception was back in July of 2011 and they are headquartered out of Lexington, South Carolina. The president, Randy Jeffcoat is a well rounded individual who has build successful businesses in the past. His bio had no reference of previous experience in the home based business industry. However his Senior VP of Sales was a top distributor in RAI Excel with over 25,000 independent reps in is organization. Overall the company’s leadership looks pretty good and the products appear to be well researched.

Restart Your Life Review – How Do You Make Money?

When it comes to the compensation plan, there or 11 distinctive ways you can earn income. The pay plan operates on a 3×9 Forced Matrix which means you may receive spillover on the efforts of those above you. To keep things simple, we can really divide the payment methods into two different categories. First you have immediate upfront income and second you have the more long term residual type of compensation. Having both up front and backend income is important, as one without the other can be fatal to the retention in your organization. All things considered, this pay plan looks good and could actually be very lucrative for the right person.

Is Restart Your Life A Good Business Opportunity?

In conclusion, Restart Your Life does look to be a good opportunity. It the time I am writing this, it’s on the ground floor and probably too early to determine how successful the company will be. However, they do have solid leadership, good products and a lucrative compensation plan. And ground floor opportunities can be a very attractive feature at this time. Nonetheless, these things will not guarantee you build a successful income here. Your success in this business will totally depend on your ability to sponsor new reps, sell products and teach your team to do the same. This is most easily done with personal branding and online lead generation. My recommendation to you is to use a tested and proven Attraction Marketing system to generate leads and attract leaders to you like an out of control vacuum cleaner.

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