home based business opportunity seekers How to Recruit MLM Home Based Business Opportunity SeekersThere are a very large number of MLM home based business opportunity seekers on the web every day who are looking for ways to make money from home. Maybe they have lost their job, are losing their house, or just looking for some way to make some extra cash. Regardless of the reason, the fact is every week that number grows larger than the previous. The question is how can you position yourself in front of these seekers on a daily basis and sign them up into your network marketing program. If you are not already in a home based business you will want to read this before you begin your journey in this industry. Your success depends on it.

Think like a MLM home based business opportunity seeker:

First of all we must put ourselves in the position of a home based business seeker. What is it that they are really looking for and why? What is their major concern? They may be worried they could get caught up in a MLM scam. Or maybe they are looking for a leader that can show them the correct steps to get into profits quickly. Most of all they want to make money and they want somebody to show them how to NOW.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what company a home based business opportunity seeker joins, because if they don’t know how to successfully build the business they will never make money. With that in mind, if you are an opportunity seeker, you may consider first looking for the best way to create wealth in this industry before you ever get involved. If you are network marketer looking for new business opportunity seekers than you should be leading with a solution to the #1 problem in the MLM industry.

The #1 problem faced by home based business opportunity seekers:

What is the #1 problem? That fact that %95 of marketers never make any real money. This doesn’t mean that large amounts of money can’t be made but that most people never learn how to really build this business. Most likely, when somebody joins a home based business they are told to make a list. This list may consist of friends, family, or acquaintances. Next share the opportunity to your list and ask them to get involved as a business partner and hopefully sponsor some people.

The trouble is… what happens when you run out of people on your list? Or maybe you are a 24 year old kid with no connections. Then what do you do? You see this is the biggest struggle network marketers face in building a successful business that actually pays. Not to mention that a mere %1 of people on the planet are natural salespeople who can recruit others. Therefore if you don’t have a natural skill in recruiting, than the “make a list and recruit” strategy will not work for you.

The solution for home based business opportunity seekers and current owners:

What can we do to defy the odds? One of the key principles you must learn is the concept of leverage. How can you leverage the Internet to build a massive team of partners that follow your every move? The answer is self-branded attraction marketing. Remember when we spoke earlier about what it is that home based business opportunity seekers are looking for on the web? Well the answer is… whether they know it or not, they are looking for a leader. They want somebody to show them the steps they must take to build wealth in MLM business.  By branding yourself and practicing attraction marketing, you can have an endless stream of new people joining your business every week.

Attraction marketing is a skill that positions you to be found by the home based business opportunity seekers. Seekers are not only those who are brand new to the industry but also those who are already involved and looking for a solution to the #1 problem. With the power of the Internet and Attraction Marketing you can literally have a multitude of people joining you in business every month. So position yourself as a leader, offer value first(solution,) and build a big MLM business.

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