qivana Qivana Review – A Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

Qivana Review

So you’ve landed on this Qivana review for one of three reasons. You are either looking to get started, already involved or somebody you know is involved and you’re looking for an honest third party review on the company. You may even be concerned that there is a Qivana scam that you are not aware of. So here’s my promise to you. In this short and simple Qivana review I will provide you an honest report of the company, products, compensation plan and whether Qivana is a good business opportunity.

You should know I am not affiliated with Qivana as a customer or a representative. Therefore you can be sure this is truly an unbiased review of the company. So let’s get started.

Who is Qivana?

So Qivana is a company that leverages the network marketing business model to promote and sell their health and nutrition products. They are based out of Provo Utah and are led by five co-owners, who all have an impressive business background. Actually, each of these founders have led as executives in companies such as Tahitian Noni International, Nature’s Way, Xango, VM Direct and NuSkin. These credentials are pretty extraordinary if you ask me, which should lead us to believe there is a solid team leading this company into future expansion.

Qivana review of products

Qivana offers two different product lines and the first of these is named the Qore System. This system has been formulated to aid your immune system and increase energy levels.

qivana products Qivana Review – A Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

Qivana Products

The second is called Metaboliq System and it is formulated to support healthy weight lose and management while increasing metabolism.

It’s very important to realize the Qivana products have been scientifically formulated by the Qivana Advisory Board, who is led by industry expert and leader Dr. Marcus Laux out of Oregon USA. In fact Laux has made guest appearances on numerous television shows.

How Do You Make Money With Qivana?

You can become a distributor of Qivana after paying your start-up while then maintaining a monthly auto-shipment of products. There are fast start bonuses when you sponsor a new member as well as ways to build your residual income. Income steams include personal and team retail commissions, quick start bonus, executive matching bonus and the silver bonus. It appears this compensation plan definitely offers great income potential for the right individual.

Is Qivana A Good Business Opportunity?

Clearly Qivana is a viable business opportunity that has great potential for the right person. They offer quality products, have solid leadership and a fair compensation plan. There is no doubt that money can be made here. However the vast majority of Qivana reps will never make substantial money. Why? Because they lack the necessary skill to generate leads and sponsor new reps on a weekly basis.

This problem has plagued the home business industry, until the invention of this proven attraction marketing system.  Today we are fortunate to have the ability to leverage the power of the Internet to build businesses on the fast track. The problem is so many marketers come to the internet and waste countless hours and thousands of dollars with worthless marketing strategies. It’s NOT their fault as most often this worthless time sucking strategies are exactly with their upline is telling them to do.

Want To Generate More Leads For Your Business?

Myself, and most other master marketers on the Internet are now leveraging a proven attraction marketing system that enables us to generate laser targeted leads, sponsor motivated leaders and even make tons of money on those people who say NO to our opportunity.

The best part is… almost all of us had no clue how to market on the internet before finding this system.


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