Jasuru Jusuru Review   A Critical Review From A Non Member

Jusuru Review

If you have found this Jusuru review you are probably looking to get started with Jusuru and making it your home business. You may also be conserved there is a Jusuru scam that you are unaware of.

This review is designed for you to get the information that you need so that you can make the correct decision about this company. Before reading this Jusuru review please know that this is a third party evaluation and I am in no way connected with Jusuru or their products.

Who is Jusuru?

Jusuru is a network marketing company that was founded in 2009 in Orange County, California and has become a strong and growing company since its start. Asma Ishaq is the founding  member who is also the Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology. He has vast college experience and has even decided to donate a percentage to every sale of Jusuru to charity.

Since Ishaq has founded Jusuru it has had increased in popularity for its health benefits and all of its money making opportunities. Jusuru has many satisfied customers who were well pleased with the Jusuru and saw great results from the drink and these customers would not hesitate to get other people to purchase this product.

Jusuru Review of Productsjasuru juice Jusuru Review   A Critical Review From A Non Member

Jusuru offers one main product and that is the Jusuru juice. This juice boasts of many helpful healthy components. The juice can help joints as well as help build collagen that makes healthier and younger looking skin. BioCell Collagen II is found within this juice and is a patented product that will help the skin look younger and the joints not hurt and be more mobile.

This juice has received great reviews on many different websites and many people have gone to the Jusuru website and the seminars to sign up for this effective product.

How Do You Make Money with Jusuru?

The Jusuru company offers a very competitive compensation plans. You sign up for Jusuru and you will have to pay a small start up fee so that you can get started. You will then become a Jusuru distributor.  The compensation plan is a multiple level plan where you have many ways to get paid. You can get paid through direct sales, fast start bonuses, preferred customers, team commissions, and even in some cases you can get a car bonus. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and the right person can build a profitable business here.

Will Jusuru Be A Good Business Opportunity?

Of course with all the business Jusuru is getting right now the company may be a great choice for you to join and make money. You will have to take some time, set your account up with the company, pay a start up fee and then start marketing the product. Unfortunately while this seems like a great business opportunity many people fail to realize why they will likely make very little money in their business. It is not because the company is not doing well and it is not even because of the individual.

The main reason that so many at home businesses fail is because the person does not know how to generate enough leads to sell products and sponsor new people. Not generating enough leads can lead to you to not making any money at all and failing in your business.

I highly recommend you use a proven attraction marketing system to generate leads on demand and sponsor 4-7 people a week into your business. By leveraging a solid attraction marketing system you will put your business on the fast track to profits. You will even make money on the people who say “NO” to your opportunity.

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