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Jerky Direct Review

Chances are if you have landed on this page you are looking for an honest Jerky Direct review and wondering if this is a legitimate business opportunity. You may also be concerned that Jerky Direct may be a scam. I can assure that Jerky Direct is not a scam and you can make money with this business.

In this Jerky Direct review I will cover important information on the company, products, compensation and whether this is the right opportunity for you. It’s important you know that I am not affiliated with this company as a rep or a customer so this is a third party review.

What is Jerky Direct?

Jerky Direct is a network marketing company and is known throughout the world for its many different products. The company was founded by Roger Ball and Brad Zundel who is also the CEO of the company. The company has lately added more products and gained even more popularity. This also resulted in the company changing its name to JD Premium Products.

Jerky Direct Review Of Products

Jerky Direct boasts of its many different products the main of which being of course Jerky. Their jerky is known throughout the United States and has seen a lot of buyers. Other products that Jerky Direct produces are personal care, skin care, health supplements, and laundry detergent that is all natural. These products all seem to sell well with Direct Jerky’s customers.

How Do You Make Money With Jerky Direct?

If you decide to become a distributor with Jerky Direct you will have to pay a small upfront fee of $12. This fee covers ½ pound of meat product and is monthly. Your monthly cost can vary depending on the products that you wish to sell. You are able to earn commissions in three different ways. The first is to earn 20% commission from all sales on the website, five percent commission on all wholesale sales on the first level and the last is commissions earned from the production of your team through seven different levels.

Will Jerky Direct be a Good Business Opportunity?

For all intents and purposes, Jerky Direct could be the ultimate business opportunity. Great products plus strong leaders equals plenty of sales to be made. Of course even though you may think that you will do well, that doesn’t mean you will. Many people who do join fail because they cannot generate enough leads for their business.

Sure you can ask family or stand out in front of the mall all day and try to sell your product but at the end of the day you will not generate enough leads to be able to make the money you need to to survive in this industry. Knowing how to generate leads is important with any home based business.

Want More Leads For Your Business?

If you want to make money and be successful in network marketing you must learn how to generate leads so you can sponsor new people into your team.  This has always been a problem with people who want to run home businesses. Not having leads is the number one problem faced by networkers.

My recommendation to you would be to use a proven attraction marketing system that will allow you to generate enough leads for your business, sponsor motivated leaders and even make money from those people who don’t join your primary opportunity.
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