javita Javita – A Critical Review Of This Coffee Sensation

Javita Review

Why have you landed on this Javita Review? Well, my guesses are you are seriously thinking of getting started with the company. Now if you have already joined the Javita Coffee Company, then you are probably interested in ways to build you business faster or easier. You’ve come to the right place because within this review, you will find some important information about the company as well as some great tips and techniques you can use to put your business on the fast track to MLM success.

Before we go too much further I want to disclose that I am not a distributor or a customer of Javita. Therefore you can rest assured this is an honest third party review of the company. So let’s get into it.

2011 10 12 23072 Javita – A Critical Review Of This Coffee Sensation

Javita Review – The Company

First of all, Javita is a company using a network marketing business model to sell their “healthy coffee” product. They are a brand new company that just launched back in June 2011. Although they are a fairly young company, their chances for success are much greater being that they are the sister company of Waiora, which is a health and wellness MLM. The company was founded by a group of successful business professionals including CEO, Stanley Cherelstein who also happens to be the CEO of Waiora.

Javita has placed some pretty lofty goals in which they intend to meet before the end of 2012. They include 100,000 debt free households, 1000 six figure earners and 10 millionaires. Quite a stretch if you ask me. But accomplishing these kinds of goals would be pretty impressive and only time will tell. Overall, the company looks to have solid leadership and a vision for future growth and prosperity.

What Makes Javita Coffee Better Than Folgers In Your Cup?

There is an estimated 400 million cups of coffee consumed worldwide every day. And this is exactly why Javita is capitalizing on this market. The question is however, what makes Javita worth more than traditional store bought coffee, like Folgers? Well, their healthy coffee product is loaded with antioxidants. What makes this antioxidant product so impressive is the fact that it’s coffee… the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water.

Javita’s exclusive South American coffee beans are picked at the peak of their ripeness, slow roasted, and blended well to preserve the rich aroma up until the coffee is poured into your mug. This process has been developed after many years of research, putting this coffee ahead of all other brands. Research has shown that well over half the world population drinks coffee, so there is clearly a huge market. No question about it, this is a highly marketable product that many people will be interested in.

Javita – How Will You Make Money?

The cost to join Javita is anywhere between $99 and $599 depending on which package you go with. Obviously the higher package will yield a greater return as it allows you to qualify for Rank Advancement and Matching Bonuses right from the get go. You will be paid 30% on all personally sold products as well as a uni-level pay plan with a few different ways for you to earn income.

The most important thing to understand about this pay plan is there are upfront income streams as well as long term residual income streams. A comp plan with one and not the other can be deadly to the retention inside your organization. All things considered, this compensation plan looks fair and someone who is willing to put in the work can make a substantial income.

2011 10 12 23071 Javita – A Critical Review Of This Coffee Sensation

Should You Get Started With Javita?

So you already know that Javita is a superior coffee product and the market for coffee is huge. Whether you join or not is really up to you. I definitely won’t steer you away from this company as I myself wouldn’t mind representing the product. Not to mention there is a fair compensation plan to boot with both high and low entry points which allow people to get their feet wet before going all in.

Now with that said, all these things in your favor are great but they cannot guarantee your success in this business. Just like any other kind of MLM program, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new reps and acquire loyal customers.

Therefore, if you are serious about your success in business with intentions to build a massive empire, I highly recommend you use Attraction Marketing to separate yourself from the rest of the competition. With a Proven Attraction Marketing System you will learn to brand yourself and generate an endless flow of leads for your business while even making money on the people who don’t join your team.

Want To Generate Leads For Your Javita Business?

Unfortunately, 95% of network marketers are failing in their business because they lack the skills necessary to brand themselves and generate leads on auto-pilot. Learn to build your Javita business by becoming a Master Networker online.

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