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Global NPN Review

Most likely, you have landed on this Global NPN business review because you are thinking of getting started with the company. Well you have come to the right place because I will be covering important information about this company such as who Global NPN is, the services they market, and the compensation plan. It is my goal that after reading this review you will have a better overall understanding of the company as well as some direction on how to become successful in your network marketing business.

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Who is Global NPN And What Are They Marketing?

First of all, when looking into any kind of business opportunity, it is important to do some research into the company’s history and what kind of reputation they have built for themselves. Global NPN, also known as Global New Plan Network, is a network marketing company that promotes Internet marketing tools and was first launched in 2005. Ownership of the company belongs to WebShooter Multimedia and has operations in countries which include USA, Germany and Canada. A man by the name of Geoff Stephen owns WebShooter Multimedia. Stephen is actually a full time internet marketer as well. You will find on the company website, that there are over 123,000 members throughout the world. This comes to no surprise when considering they are promoting internet marketing tools and anybody in the world can access a membership as long as they have internet connection.

As was explained before, Global NPN promotes a few different tools that are used by internet marketers. Services include Auto-responder and Email Blaster, Domain Hosting, Marketing Resources, Ad Trackers, NPN Toolbar, E-Certificates and URL Rotators. There is even a Website Building Tool which allows you to create your own lead capture pages. So these services are very sellable to the right person considering they are involved in some kind of online marketing.

How You Get Paid With Global NPN?

There are 4 different ways to make money with Global NPN. First, you can generate income with the Monthly Referral Commissions which you earn on every member you personally refer. There are Downline Commissions, Matching Bonuses on every member you have personally referred, and the the one time Upgrade Bonuses. All in all, the pay plan looks like it could offer a nice second income for the right person.

Is Global NPN A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, Global NPN is a good business. There is defiantly a place for people to make money with the product. Though the question is, are you looking to make extra income or full time income selling internet marketing tools? Do you know how to get these services in front of your target market? If so, the Global NPN may be the right company for you. Unfortunately, the majority of home business owners fail to make any real substantial income with their business. Your success will fully rely on your ability to sponsor new reps and sell product. I recommend you use a Proven Attraction Marketing System to generate leads online with an effective offline strategy. If you can combine these two key elements, you will put yourself on the fast track to building a prosperous network marketing business.

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