dove chocolate dicoveries1 Third Party Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review – Is This The Real Deal?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review

You have come across this Dove Chocolate Discoveries review because you probably are thinking about either becoming a distributor, or looking for more ways to build your current business. Before you make any decision, you should read through this entire review because I will go over what they sell, how to make money, and give you ideas of how to build your business for MLM success.

Before moving on, you should know that I am not a Dove Chocolate Discoveries distributor or affiliated with them in any way. Therefore, you will receive a true third party review.

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Dove Chocolate Discoveries – Who Are They And What Do They Sell?

Before I go into what Dove Chocolate Discoveries sells, I want to give you a little bit of background on the business. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is an up and coming network marketing company. Its headquarters are located in New Jersey and they have a talented management team that has extensive business backgrounds. The company was launched in 2007 and has grown throughout almost every state in the United States.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a sales division directly from Mars, Incorporated. There is definitely brand name awareness with the chocolate products because Mars, Inc. has been around for over a hundred years. After some research, it clearly seems as though they are positioned for a great deal of future expansion.

How to make money in Dove Chocolate Discoveries?

To get started in your Dove Chocolate Discoveries business you have to become a chocolatier. To do so, you have to join by either purchasing one out of two starter kits. The two different kinds of starter kits are: The Standard Business Kit and The Master Chocolatier Kit. The Standard Kits will cost you $159.00 and The Master Chocolatier Kit would cost $449.00. Once you get started, you can earn money by getting up to a 40% commission on every personal sale you make. The compensation plan also covers bonuses where you can earn rewards that are based on your personal production and growth. For each distributor you sign up within your organization, you also will get paid override commissions on their product sales as well. In general, DCD looks as though it has a fair and rewarding compensation plan.

Should You Get Started With Dove Chocolate Discoveries?

To close, the company looks good. Being able to promote a popular company with over 100 years in business makes this opportunity a slam dunk. The best part is, with brand name recognition like Dove Chocolate, you won’t have to convince prospective customers that the product is good.  They have a solid management team, highly recognizable products, and a decent compensation plan. However, even having all these elements in place, it doesn’t mean your success is guaranteed. When it comes down to the bottom line, your success is totally dependent on your ability to sign up business partners, sell products, and build a large team that can duplicate your efforts. I recommend you use a Proven Attraction Marketing System to make all this possible. If you focus on online attraction marketing as well as solid offline marketing, your success in network marketing is virtually limitless.

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