clevercontainer Clever Container Review  Viable Or Not?

Clever Container review

If you landed on this page chances are you are interested in joining Clever Container and making it your at home business. You may be worried that it is not a legitimate business and that you may lose money instead of earning it.

I can assure you there is no Clever Container scam and by the end of this review I will be able to tell you whether or not Clever Container is the right business venture for you and how you can manage to generate 10-20 leads per day.

What is Clever Container?

The Clever Container is a network marketing company was founded by Karen Escheback and Jennifer Weaver. Eshenback is a professional organizer and Weaver is a stay at home mom whom in 2006 decided that they needed to start something that would help people store and organize.

Both sought out to help people have great organizational skills and get rid of all the clutter in their homes. With the expertise between them they created the Clever Container and the company behind it.

Clever Container Product Review

The Clever Container product line consists of many different products to help with organizational matters. You can get storage containers to help store things in the office, the car, the house, the kid’s room, and many other different areas.

For instance they offer a cubby that hooks on to the backseat of a car so that anything that is stored inside the car can be placed inside that cubby. The company also offers different tips to help people get organized and get away from the clutter.

How Do You Make Money With Clever Container?

To become a consultant with Clever Container you will first have to pay a $149.00 up front fee with an additional $25 dollars shipping. For this payment you will get an entire $350 worth of the Clever Container products.

You will be instructed on how to go out and sell your products including how to do Clever Container parties. On your sales you can make up to 33% commission on your sales. You can also get paid more money with team commissions as well as bonuses for completed sales.

Is Clever Container A Good Business Opportunity?

Clever Container would be an excellent business opportunity. There is a strong need for organizational materials in the world today and with great leaders and strong sales you will not be able to go wrong with this business.

Unfortunately many people do go wrong when joining this business or a business like it. Sure when you join you may think that you will be able to get plenty of parties together and make plenty of sales and maybe sign a few people up into your team. However, the reality is you will eventually run out of people to talk about your opportunity.

Your sales will dry up and you will have invested your money for nothing all because you did not have the foreknowledge of lead generation. Not generating leads is the number one failure of many network marketing businesses.

Want to Generate More Leads for Your Business?

If you want to set yourself ahead of the competition and guarantee your success in business I highly recommend you use a proven attraction marketing system.

By using this system you will be able to sponsor leads and generate at least 10-20 leads a day, sponsor motivated leaders and even make cash when people say “NO” to your business.
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PS – Who else wants daily 100% commissions?

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